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Luxury teapot: Welcome to the future of tea-drinking with Leiph – where elegance meets innovation. Experience the art of tea like never before with our exquisite, fine ceramic self-heating teapot set. Crafted for connoisseurs, the Leiph teapot ensures your tea remains at the perfect sipping temperature. Simplify your tea ritual without compromising on sophistication. Indulge in the consistent warmth of Leiph, where every cup is as inviting as the first. The Leiph Teapot harnesses advanced electromagnetic energy to preserve the ideal warmth of your tea. This guarantees that each sip is savored at the perfect temperature, enriching the flavor and enjoyment of your tea experience Immerse yourself in the tranquil ritual of tea brewing with the Leiph teapot—a moment where time slows down, and the senses awaken. As you sprinkle the vibrant, aromatic loose tea leaves into the pristine white ceramic, anticipation builds. The leaves, each a promise of flavor, await the embrace of warm water, ready to unfurl and release their essence. Every Leiph comes complete with a specially designed stainless steel tea strainer – the perfect companion to your Leiph Teapot. This fine mesh filter simplifies brewing, allowing loose-leaf tea to fully expand and release its natural, flavorful essence directly into the teapot. It's a convenient, sustainable choice that's also effortless to clean, enhancing your tea experience with every cup

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