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Vlad is my name. I manage https://pakstore.ru/ which is an online shop that sells engineering tools. Our store online allows customers to shop and purchase plumbing equipment at a reasonable price. The group was created with a lot of enthusiasm and a determination to succeed. Since 2003, we've been in the field of heating. Since 2014, we've become an online store. The store online "PAKstore.ru" currently offers 12,846 items, more than 5000 items in stock and 1218 square meters of sales space as well as warehouse space, and 28 employees Our aim is to satisfy the ever-changing needs of our clients by extensively making use of our capabilities. We are constantly adding famous brands to our offerings which are distributed across the world. Our top priority is customer service. The customer decides when and what they wish to purchase. The modern internet-based sales industry is not only about selling products. We also wish to inform customers about the technical aspects, new products, and other aspects of the world of hygiene products. We offer professional plumbing services at a reasonable cost. Our professional advice includes thorough quality assurance, speedy installation and delivery and the connection and termination of the equipment or materials we offer. Plumbing work is possible in any commercial space including apartments, offices, hotels, cottages, stores and various commercial properties. The store online is well-organized , so you will be able to find the product you're searching for. Our products can meet the needs of our customers and allow us to complete individual or joint projects. We appreciate your feedback, whether positive or otherwise, and we appreciate that you've written to us.

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